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Subject: FIRST BROTHER THEN DAD 6All rights are reserved by Author,Do not reprint without permission. These stories are mostly made up for Your
enjoyment lolis nude and You must be above legal age to read.if you tell others about my stories ( and I know you will ) please mention
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Kelly. This was to be the most important night of my young life I knew this
and loved it as I sat there naked at the bed room wet bar sandwiched
between Dad and Jed Wilson. I was intoxicated not only from the many beers
but from the sight, and smell of these two masculine bodies so very close.
Suddenly Dad's arm raised above his head and I turned to get a great look
at his muscular and hair arm pit."Now we should introduce you to the joys to be had with a Male sweaty and
hairy arm pit Timmy."The musky smell of Dad's hot arm pit was joyfully filling my nostrils and
causing my cock to come back to life nonude board loli once again and my new Male pussy to
twitch and leak more of Dad's cum from it as it throbbed."Go on Boy Get yourself a good taste of a real Man's pit."I leaned in and with a hand on either side of His arm pit I stuck out my
tongue and for the first time I licked the hairy Male arm pit. Taking in
the taste of Dad's sweaty hairy arm pit and the mixture of skin and sweat.
It was incredible and I instantly was turned on. My face buried deep into
the hairs of dad's arm pit I was lapping up his pit and then reaching down
and taking hold of his throbbing 11 and a half inch boner. Dad was pushing
his pit into my hungry mouth. His cock leaking his pre-cum all over my
hand as I was eating his pit.
Wilson was not to be left out of this."Come on Timmy let me see what that mouth of free loli stories Yours can do on my arm pit?I came off Dad and turned on my bar stool to see Wilson standing there both
arms raised above his head. The shinny black hair of his muscular pits
dripping with Man sweat and looking so very sexy like the man himself. We
smiled at each other and soon my mouth was licking and eating up his pit
and drinking in his sweat like a champ. I was also feeling his very thick
and hard 10 and a half inch bone as I was eating that pit then the other
pit. I was shamelessly feeling Wilson's big hairy balls and lolis nude cock and my Boy
pussy was throbbing just thinking of getting this monster of a thick Meat
to fuck into me. Now I moved from Wilson's pit to his nipple and was
sucking and eating his nipple and loving his moans of pleasure as I
serviced him like this. I was sucking and eating that manly nipple and
sliding on the bar stool as Dad's cum was dripping out of my Boy pussy."Fuck me Wilson, Fuck me with this big bare cock of Your's"Dad lifted me straight up in the air, Free of Wilson's nipple and body and
transported me to the bed. Wilson was slowly walking towards me laying on
my back on the bed. I was drinking in his hot body as he slowly took steps
to me on the bed. His sexy masculine feet. The muscles flexing with every
step. That burly chest of his with the puff of black hair and his smiling
handsome face. His fat uncut cock bobbing as he loli net came on the bed. Dad had
picked up my legs from behind me and spread them. My throbbing boy pussy
exposed and ready for Wilson's hunk of Male flesh to fuck. Wilson's loli hard sex fist
was greasing up his cock head knob as he came up between my spread legs and
was aiming that monster cock head to the target of tiny tgp thumbs loli my throbbing pussy hole.
he reached down and spread some of the grease on the lips of my still raw
but ready pussy hole. God the Man was so handsome and I was so lucky to be
the object of his lust, yet there was fear. His cock was even fatter then
Dad's if not as long. His foreskin pulled back Wilson placed his meat on
the hole and I closed my eyes as he was seductively moving his cock head up
and down my pussy hole, Top to bottom his greased up and leaking man head
probed my boy pussy, Then it settled in the middle of my hole and it was I
who now pushed myself down to take in that massive raw cock head schol girls lolits while Dad
was still holding my legs spread open. My sphincter, no longer virgin was
spreading and taking in and moving over Wilson's massive cock head. I had
not expected there to be more pain but there was as that fat cock was
opening pussy lolicon me so wide and its steel hard shaft moving into my body. I moaned
trying to preeteen nude loli
not show the pain but wanting his whole 10 and a half inside me.
Wilson's beautiful blue eyes smiling at me as his
cock was now more then half way up inside of me. I was alternating
between pushing down on Wilson's cock and then pulling back from it as he
kept smiling and feeding me more and more cock meat. My arms reached up
and held my Hunk of a man around his waist as he now was all up inside my
body and started to pound my boy pussy in a fever of Male on male fucking.
Slamming his steal hard fat fleshy cock deep up inside me. His massive head
spreading me and pounding me like mad and I was pushing down on that
ramming cock meat. Each thrust of his powerful cock into me to the root
bought a moan of pure love of cock meat from me. My own cock was once hard
then soft then hard again and before I knew it I was shooting a string free teen loli of
my teen cum all over the two of us and Wilson loved it, His eyes wider as
my cum flew all over his tight hard body. Then his own face contracted and
His cock was still in me and then the flood and rush of his own seed was
shooting up inside me tight boy pussy mixing with that of my Dad's.
Wilson's big hairy balls were giving up all nonude board loli his cum load to my hungry pussy
hole. Wilson came down and was kissing me square on the lips our sweaty
bodies touching as my legs came down and he laid on top of me so out feet
and legs, chest touched and his cock staying deep inside my cum soaked boy
pussy. As I lay there kissing Wilson my mind was thinking of my Brother
and that soon I would be taking his hot dick into me also. My handsome
Brother would love how I was able to take a cock meat now. That Paul
Newman looking stud Brother of mine would be home tomorrow and fucking his
hot meat into me.
I then fell into a sleep, The deep sleep of one who has been sexually
satisfied to the max. Dawn was just cracking nude lolipop when I came awake sandwiched
between my two naked Men on the big bed. My pussy was hurting but a good
hurt. I looked from one then the other and admired both of their cocks and
was proud that I had been able to take in both of them and now had both of
their cum loads in my pussy. I wanted to do something special for them to
show my gratitude. Slowly so as not to wake them I slipped from between
them. Headed for my morning piss and then covered in a bath towel I headed
to the kitchen. I had to learn my way lolicon sample around Wilson's kitchen but soon
located the bacon and eggs, Juice and bread and had a pound of bacon
sizzling in the pan. The smell filling the house and at last getting their
attention. Wilson was soon standing in the door way. He had on a pair of
white briefs and my eyes dropped to the bulge in his briefs. His massive
cock head showing through the cotton and turning me on all the more. Those
hairy powerful legs of his and his burly chest loli net loli japanese
and that handsome movie star
face that was smiling at me. As natural as can be he took me from the pot
into his strong arms and was giving me a lovers morning kiss."Which one of You fucking Queers is cooking that bacon?Dad was joking and then he was hugging the two of us. He also being modest
had on a pair of tight white briefs that I wanted to reach into and grab
his monster meat and suck it right then and there. Surprisingly over
breakfast we talked only of the will and plans for the resort and not a
word of all we had shared the night before. Trying to keep up my end of
the conversation was
not easy with the sight of these two hot hunks. Before breakfast was done
the hired help was showing up. Wilson's housekeeper a man of 20 was happy
to see one of his chores had been done for him. We dressed and it was
decided that I should go out and find my Brother and his Friend on their
camping trip. Not a hard job knowing he would be at the lake tented at our
favorite spot. I set out in yong lolits the pickup truck wonderful visions of the
night before in my mind all free loli cartoon the way.
I pulled up to the camp site and not a soul was to be seen and this at 9
AM in the morning. tiny tgp thumbs loli
Walking easy I stepped up to the closed tent and pulled
back the flap. I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me. There
was my hot Brother naked and wrapped up in the arms of his best
friend. Eric, Eric was a tall drop dead good looking 20 year old with
strawberry blonde hair. His hairy one leg over the bare hip of my Brother
and their cocks pressed together in their sleep. Getting over my shock I
was over joyed. I had a crush on Eric since I was 12 years old and dropped
him so many hints that I'd love to suck his cock but he never tumbled to my
offerings. I knew from his hints that he knew I was the High school cock
sucker but he never showed any signs of interest. Eric had at one time or
the other fucked every Girl in the whole town and taken more cherry pussy
then Casanova. A few times on sleep overs at our place I had caught a
quick look at his naked and knew he was hunk like a bull. My God they made
a sexy picture and my cock and my new boy pussy along with my mouth were
all up for it. I happen to look down and caught sight of Eric's feet. God
they were so sexy and muscular. His arm over my Brother revealed a nice
masculine and hairy pit that my mouth was watering to eat out for him. I
knelt throwing wisdom to the wind and lifted Eric's bare foot and inhaled
its manliness and then unable to restrain myself I kissed his bare sexy
foot.if you would like to hear more let me know through mails. for a picture
again send age. Support Nifty and if Your ever in Philadelphia, Pa. Look
me up Kevin Kelly
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